Hypnosis Clinic For Anxiety!

Hypnosis Clinic For Anxiety!


About Us

The Hypnosis Clinic For Anxiety uses hypnosis and positive suggestions as well as techniques you have not been shown anywhere else to help with Anxiety! 

Please see the bottom of this page for more pictures from our hypnotherapist and his training!

We have helped hundreds of people all over the world, and offers a free 30 minute phone consultation. 

*same day appointments are available! 

We specialize in working with anxiety issues!! 

We understand the power of positive thinking to promote a better life.

More important we specialize in anxiety issues and the 3 areas anxiety creates in a persons life.

FEAR is the first part of anxiety, the fear begins to grow into several thoughts of “What if” and those thoughts begin to grow until the next stage hits!

ANXIETY, this is where the body begins to respond to the fears, and breathing changes, heart beats faster, shaking also may occur, sweating, and feelings of doom take over! 

Then the last part comes into play,

GUILT; why is this happening, I can’t stop it, I can’t explain it well enough to my family, I can not seem to stop these feelings! 

we understand the trouble Anxiety brings into a persons life, the fear, the racing thoughts, the guilt it makes you feel!

we can help!!

Our office specializes in house calls for people with anxiety issues, we come to you! Or sessions can be done online as well! 

Get the help you need today!

You can text our office FREE of charge at anytime including holidays with any questions you may have about our service.

(909) 782-2273

Text or call now! If we are in a session leave a message or text us and our hypnotherapist will reply with a quick response. 

We do work in Los Angeles, Orange Counry, and Inland Empire

We specialize in ANXIETY issues only! 

*House Calls*

Hypnosis in your home!

some people with Anxiety issues have difficulty leaving their own home. Our office specializes in house calls for people with anxiety! 

For ONLINE video sessions we use Google Duo, Zoom and  FaceTime, as our platform for online sessions! 

The cost is $150, each session last between 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.

Hypnosis is an alternative therapy to help in conjunction with your regular therapy you are receiving. You are welcome to check with your medical doctor to see what thoughts they may have about alternative therapies that may help you achieve personal goals!

A hypnotherapist is not a Medical Doctor, they are specially trained in hypnosis-therapy!

If you have more questions, feel free to contact our office.. 

If you have questions about hypnosis and the benefits, feel free to call or text our office!

*Certified Hypnosis* 

Member of the International Hypnosis Association!

our hypnotist is also a former stage hypnotist as well as being a hypnosis technical advisor for the films “Stir of Echoes” with Kevin Bacon, as well as the Stephen King made for TV movie “The Stand” and other television productions, and is an author on the subject of hypnotherapy! A personal friend and mentored by Ormond McGill and Gil Boyne! 

In fact the legendary Ormond McGill the dean of American Hypnotists, wrote the forward to his first book! 

*Winner of the Guidance Counselor of The Year form the IHF*

With his friends Ormond McGill and Gil Boyne!
With his friends Ormond McGill and Gil Boyne!

Professionally Trained! 

Niccolous Thompson with his friends and personal mentors Ormond McGill and Gil Boyne!

if you do not know who they are, check out Ormond McGill and Gil Boyne on Wikipedia!!

With his friends Ormond McGill and Tom Silver!
With his friends Ormond McGill and Tom Silver!

Good friends! 

With Ormond McGill And his friend Tom Silver another famous hypnotist!
Original Stage show Poster
Original Stage show Poster

Rock And Roll Hypnotist!

This is the original Rock and Roll hypnotist poster from the 1980’s! The tours included the USA, Canada and parts of India!
Promotional poster for the Grove Theater!
Promotional poster for the Grove Theater!

Grove Performance!

A 3 day sold out show in 1997 at the Grove Theater in Upland California. This was the promotional poster for the show! 
World Famous Venice Beach!
World Famous Venice Beach!

Venice Beach!

A great classic pic from Hypnotist Niccolous Thompson performing at Venice Beach in California!
Sold out show in New York 1997!
Sold out show in New York 1997!

Sold out in New York!

As the popularity of the Rock and Roll Hypnotist grew in the US  and Canada so did the crowds! Here is a pic from his sold out show in New York! With over 50 people on stage hypnotized!!

From 1996! 

Hypnosis Clinic For Anxiety