Hypnosis Clinic For Anxiety!

Hypnosis Clinic For Anxiety!


How much does Hypnotherapy Cost?

 Sessions are just $150 for a two hour session, however if the session goes over the two hour time period, no additional fee will be charged.

You can pay as you go.

Unlike other hypnosis centers, we do NOT require a certain number of sessions in advance, because you may not want to be committed to 4-6 sessions! 

Most people only require 2-3 sessions depending on their personal condition.

If you like our service you can book another appointment when you are ready, or you feel you need a booster session.

online session can be paid by Zelle or PayPal or credit and debit cards! 

YES, we make house calls! 

We come to you! No additional fees! 

Hypnosis Clinic For Anxiety